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                            Group of spectral methods of diagnostics:

Direction of scientific activity: research of absorption of electromagnetic waves with whole blood smears of patients with mammary gland fibroadenomatosis and breast cancer in the infrared range 1700-1600см-1 (Amide I). Also, experimental spectral studies to detect differences in the infiltration of human blood and blood proteins in cancer patients. the efforts of the staff are aimed at introducing into the practice of diagnosing the spectral characteristics of blood proteins. Long-term observation of clinical patients (breast cancer) confirms high informative and predictive value of spectra of blood proteins.
- The research activities. The group has been researching the absorption of electromagnetic waves in strokes of whole blood of patients with breast cancer and fibroadenomatosis in the inflamed mammae infras in 1600sm-1700-1 (Amide I). Also, experimental spectral studies to detect differences in IR absorption of protein levels in human and animal cancers. The efforts of the staff are aimed at introducing the blood protein spectral characteristics into practice. Long-term observations of clinical patients (breast cancer) confirm the high informative value and prognostic value of the spectra of blood proteins.

                                       Projects implemented by the Group:

"To investigate the informality of albumin-calcium complexes of blood as potential markers for oncological pathology" (Terms of implementation 2008 - 2012)


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Scientific direction of activity: - development of methods for measuring the spectra of absorption of thin films of blood and other biological substances in the average IR range and the creation on their basis of appropriate equipment, in particular, for the implementation of screening techniques in risk groups for cancer.
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Investigation of pro- and anti-oncogenic activity of biological substances of cellular origin
Investigation of the influence of factors of cellular origin on the population of stem cell tumors in the culture of tumor microspheroids
Testing of carbon-protein construct for the target delivery of antitumor drugs
"Development of a cell-based test system for assessing the effectiveness and mechanisms of the influence of antitumor drugs"
Determination of biosafety and cytotoxic influence of gold nanoparticles on monolayer and spheroidal culture of tumor cells "
"Creation of a hardware and software complex for the spectral study of thin films of biological substances in the average IR range"
Investigation of the phenomenon of ultrafast cooling of biological objects for creation of a device for cryopreservation