Department for Biotechnical Problems of Diagnostic
      The State Institution "Department for Biotechnological Problems of Diagnostic of  
the Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine National Academy of  
Sciences of Ukraine" (VBTPD) was created in accordance with the Resolution of the  
Presidium of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine from November 6, 1996 No.  
351 by reorganization of the Scientific and Engineering Center "LEKON" of R.E.  
Kavetsky Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology National  
Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. VBTPD is a state-funded non-profit scientific  
institution. It is in charge of the NAS of Ukraine and is a part of the Department of  
Biochemistry, Physiology and Molecular Biology of National Academy of Sciences of  
Ukraine. Scientific and methodological guidance for the activity of VBTPD provides  
by Institute of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of National Academy of Sciences of  
Ukraine. The Department for Biotechnological Problems of Diagnostic carries out its  
activities in accordance with the current legislation, the Statute of National Academy  
of Sciences of Ukraine, the decisions of Presidium of National Academy of Sciences  
of Ukraine and the Statute of the VBPTD.
       The main tasks of VBTPD are to carry out fundamental and applied research in  
the direction: development of principles, methods and biotechnical systems for  
diseases diagnostic in order to obtain new scientific knowledge and their use for  
practical purposes, in accordance with the Resolution of the Presidium of the NAS of  
Ukraine dated November 6, 1996 No. 351, as well as holding scientific and  
technological (experimental) developments based on scientific knowledge gained as a  
result of scientific research, in order to bring such knowledge to the stage of practical  
use, the provision of scientific and technical services of scientific and technical  
expertise. Ensuring high quality of scientific research and scientific and technological  
(experimental) developments, systematic accumulation and synthesis of scientific  
results, creation of conditions for realization of creative possibilities of a scientific  
collective and social protection of workers.
      The department was established for the purpose of carrying out scientific  
researches which were aimed at obtaining and using new knowledge in the field of  
diagnostics of diseases, bringing scientific and technical knowledge to the stage of  
practical use, training of highly skilled scientific personnel, satisfaction of social,  
economic and cultural needs and innovative development of the country. For VBTPD  
the scientific, innovation and technical activities are basic.  
Since 1997, the Head of the VBTP is PhD in medical sciences Sydorenko M.V. At  
present, in VBTP there are 11 scientific staff, including 1 doctor of sciences, 7  
candidates of sciences. On the basis of VBTPD, two post-graduate students conduct  
research work within the framework of preparing their dissertation papers.
The VBTPD staff are active members of leading international and national  
professional organizations (ESMO - European Society for Medical Cancer, European  
Cancer Research Association - EACR, European Contra Cancer Organization -  
ECCO, Ukrainian Society of Cytologist. Research Officer of Department,  Ph.D.,  
Perepelitsina O., is reviewer of the Targeted Oncology Magazine, Springer).
      VBPPD has established fruitful cooperation with organizations of the National  
Academy of Sciences of Ukraine: O.O. Chuika Institute of Surface Chemistry, Institute  
of Metal Physics, Institute of Physics, SCTB of "Institute of Cryobiology and  
Cryomedicine", National Cancer Institute (Ukrainian Ministry of Health of Ukraine),  
Ukrainian Medical Dentistry Academy; NSC "Institute of Biology" of Taras  
Shevchenko Kyiv National University.
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