Department for Biotechnical Problems of Diagnostic
About us
Head of Department Sydorenko Mychailo V., med.
The assistant to the head is Promised person Prosyanik Lyudmila Borisovna
Scientific secretary Yastrebova Olena V.,Ph.D.
Perepelytsina Olena M., Ph.D.
Graduate student Nesterenko Olena M.
Korytskaya Lydiya N., Ph.D. in med
Burlaka Dmytro P., Ph.D.
Web-design Perepelitsyna Anastasia
Investigation of pro- and anti-oncogenic activity of biological substances of cellular origin
Investigation of the influence of factors of cellular origin on the population of stem cell tumors in the culture of tumor microspheroids
Testing of carbon-protein construct for the target delivery of antitumor drugs
Development of a cell-based test system for assessing the effectiveness and mechanisms of exposure to antitumor drugs
Determination of biosecurity and cytotoxic influence of gold nanoparticles on monolayer and spheroidal culture of tumor cells
Investigation of the phenomenon of ultrafast cooling of biological objects for creation of a device for cryopreservation
Creation of hardware and software complex for spectral investigation of thin films of biological substances in the average IR range
Ugnivenko Andriy P,Phd in chemystry