Department for Biotechnical Problems of Diagnostic
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Since 2008, according to the order of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine of September 15, 2008, No. 544, the VBTPD became the basis for the professional training of students of the Department of Biochemistry of the Biological Faculty of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, a university for special courses and special exercises in the field of culture and cell cloning.
During these years, the course on lectures on "Culture of Cells and Cloning" (36 hours) and special exercises for groups of specialists and craftsmen (72 hours), 15 graduates of educational and production and pre-diploma practice according to the curriculum, 8 of them prepared and defended the bachelor and postgraduate work within the framework of the planned topics of the VBTPD, agreed with the Biological Faculty.

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Department for Biotechnical Problems of Diagnostic,Відділення біотехічних проблем діагностики,Публікації,наукові дослідження
Відділення біотехічних проблем діагностики,Department for Biotechnical Problems of Diagnostic,Publication,Laboratory
Investigation of pro- and anti-oncogenic activity of biological substances of cellular origin
Investigation of the influence of factors of cellular origin on the population of stem cell tumors in the culture of tumor microspheroids
Testing of carbon-protein construct for the target delivery of antitumor drugs